Pigs, Peers and the PTO

Pigs Peers and the PTO 1  
Jane Ball Elementary School Home School Advisor Leslie Klauk and  Scott Condor of 360 Family Martial Arts welcome students to a unique pig race and bullying presentation at the school.

The Jane Ball Elementary School PTO has always been and always will be a backbone of creativity and unique initiatives at the school.  Their last school wide event rewarded students who sold more than 15 items during their annual fall fundraiser by allowing them to ‘race pigs,’ in the gym.  As tiny, brightly colored mechanical porkers inched their way across a finish line, the students in the stands cheered them on.  The creative award for the hard selling students was equally matched in creativity by the unique anti-bullying initiative that followed.

Pigs Peers and the Pto 2  
We're really going to race these pigs?  It seems to be the question on the faces of Jane Ball students; Briann Lessner, Kaylee Meeks, Kara Schreiber, Kaylyn Bastasick, Isabella Kijewski-Roldan, Nolan Yyrhasz and Landon Herman. 

“It’s not always easy for students to understand what bullying is,” said Scott Condor, proprietor of 360 Family Martial Arts in Crown Point.  “”If they don’t understand what it is they think everything is bullying,” he said.  Condor was at Jane Ball Elementary School to talk to students about how to identify bullying behaviors, using examples of common misconceptions about bullying.  “Most incidents that kids think are bullying are really based in misunderstanding,” explained Condor.

Pigs, Peers PTO 3  
Scott Condor explains the role playing these students will be doing to help other students better understand what bullying really is.   

As part of his demonstration, Condor brought a number of students down on to the gym floor for a graphic example of a misunderstanding and an example of bullying.  With a game of ball in progress a student asked to join in.  The answer was ‘no,’ but further explanation showed that adding just one student would make the teams uneven.  The student then returned to the bleachers to bring a friend to the floor and with two extra players, the teams were once again even.  “You see,” said Condor; “this wasn’t bullying, this was simply a misunderstanding.”  As soon as a solution was found to the problem of uneven teams, the student was allowed to play.

In another example one student was excluded from a game of tag, simply because he wasn’t wearing a Jane Ball shirt.  “Remember bullying makes you feel bad on the inside or hurts you physically on the outside,” said Condor. “It’s done on purpose to make you mad or sad.”  The student had been excluded simply because he looked different.   “It’s always harder to love than to hate, especially if someone is different.”  Condor ended his presentation with a promise to parents and a challenge to Jane Ball students.  He challenged to students at Jane Ball to make the school; “A place where kids love kids.  Jane Ball is no place for hate.”  He also encouraged the students to let their parents know that every child who attended the presentation is invited to visit 360 Martial Arts to learn more about bullying.  ‘No strings attached, come see me and I’ll teach you how to break a board.’   After he broke two boards with his bare hands, Mr. Condor promised to teach the children how to do it.  It was all the incentive most of them needed to ensure that the invitation was conveyed to parents. 

The Jane Ball PTO continues to serve the students at the school with unique opportunities and exciting moments that sometimes involve odd parings, like pigs and peer lessons.  
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